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Fully Loaded Interactive E-White Board designed for education and corporate meeting room. Multiple touch screen size 55", 65", 70", 80". Flexible combination of All-in-One PC, Touch Screen full HD LED TV, Digital LED White Board and Projector. Support Multi-screen video conference.

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iBoard Features:

  1. Multi-Touch Screen.
  2. Integrated PC.
  3. Bright and clear LED display.
  4. File saving option to various file formats.
  5. Hand writing recognition.
  6. Direct access to the internet.
  7. Video conference feature included.
  8. Stylus pen, wireless mouse/keyboard, presenter, remote, eraser.
  9. Free meeting/teaching software.


iBoard Benefits:

  1. Increased class participation.
  2. More interactive class/meeting.
  3. Excellent visual presentation using inner or external PC.
  4. Save and printing option.
  5. Can be used as an ordinary whiteboard.
  6. Scroll, so you never run out of space.
  7. Move and resize objects.
  8. Record your live sessions (Audio visual) to replay letter.

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