LED eWhiteboard

Interactive LED Whiteboard


Our interactive whiteboard adopts new integrated molding technology. All components are made only once. This product features exquisite workmanship, strong compatibility, and high stability. It utilizes anti-explosive ABS material, thus being light and durable. Its weight is approximately 24% lower than that of the similar products. Its thickness is only 89cm, which is far below the average level in industry.

Superior-quality Screen

The whole series of interactive whiteboard adopts the industrial-grade Class A screen. The screen can perform much better than a television with regard to the current, power consumption, temperature, trouble-free service life, and the resistance to electrical interference. The components feature strong ageing resistance and long lifespan. Our display device can be used in schools for over 10 years, if it works for 8 hours each day.


The interactive whiteboard can be widely applied in business meeting rooms. Coordinated with additional audio/video accessories, this product allows a remote videoconference to come true. The high-resolution interactive display can realize immediate writing and immediate preservation. If used together with education software, our product can be applied in education industry. In comparison with the traditional projector, this interactive projector is characterized by the low long-run cost, high definition, convenient installation, and the powerful functions (such as interaction, writing, all-in-one PC, TV, loudspeaker, etc).

Different Sizes

The interactive whiteboard produced by SEEYOO is categorized into 55inch, 65inch, 70inch, and 84inch. It can fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

The first generation of office conference room whiteboard application —Poor communication environment

— Features a single, limited to writing painting
— Unable to show documents and multimedia material
— No touch interactive features
— Not environmentally friendly, writing pen containing volatile substances

The second-generation conference room projector applications — + screen
— Slow boot
— Installation wiring complexity, unsightly
— Low brightness and clarity, seriously affected by the light
— No touch interactive features
— High maintenance costs, often replacing the lamp
The third-generation conference room applications — SEEYOO IMB
—Corporate meeting room large Pad!

SEEYOO IMB (Chinese translated as “meeting the letter Rhythm flat”, SEEYOO Rhythm is a registered trademark of the letter) is the letter aging technology for the development of a new generation of corporate meeting rooms and intelligent interactive display device operating system, with the sixth-generation infrared touch terminals as carrier, together with the rich, powerful meeting software, and integrated network video conference system, recording and broadcasting system, OA system. Product set screen writing, annotation, drawing, recording and playback, web video conferencing, television receivers, computers, audio and other functions into one, so that more traditional conference model is more intelligent, more practical, more efficient!

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