Multi-Screen PC


  1. Multi-Screen system.
  2. All-in-board.
  3. Intelligent display
  4. Three in one design.
  5. Brilliant and ultrathin.
  6. Full HD LED (Not Backlit LED) display.
  7. Less cable connectivity.
  8. WiFi.
  9. Noise-free, Plug and play.
  10. Energy-saving and Environment friendly.


  1. Increase Productivity.
  2. Increase collaboration and communication.
  3. Easier data sharing between applications.
  4. Multi-tasking simultaneously.
  5. Best for any type of comparison.
  6. Excellent for critical reference information.
  7. Less paper use and
  8. Save your valuable time.

Fanscoo iPC Multi-Screen PC

Fanscoo iPC multi-screen PC is considered as the world’s first all-in-one intelligent device with multiple screens.

Detailed Benefits od Digital Signage

What is Fanscoo iPC?
Fanscoo iPC is a type of user-friendly smart display with multiple screens, which is developed by DB TECHNOLOGIES for high-end customers in industry. This product can help clients obtain and handle much information simultaneously. It can also improve the accuracy of processed information, so as to greatly enhance the working efficiency.

Fanscoo iPC is short for DB TECHNOLOGIES intelligent multi-screen display system. It also predicts the coming of an era of intelligent integrated multi-screen applications.

Fanscoo iPC-Name and Trademark of DB TECHNOLOGIES Intelligent Multi-Screen Display
i-the first letter of intelligent
i-integration office system
i-information windows
PC-This word represents personal computer that our product is a screen-centered terminal mainly used for computing.

Highlights of Fanscoo iPC Multi-Screen PC

  1. Technological Innovation and Patents
  2. Multi-screen System

The multi-screen system is developed by our R&D team. Its display assembly can output multiplex signals. A signal from main display is finally converted into LVDS signal through analog-digital conversion, image acquisition, and scaling. A signal from sub display is finally converted into LVDS signal through an internal receiver.

  1. All-in-board
    Proprietary board technology is stable and efficient. It is achieved by numerous engineers of our company after thousands of tests in almost a year.
  2. Intelligent Display

Our self-developed intelligent display supports the switching of three screens in windows system.

  1. Three-in-one
    The world’s first three-in-one design allows our Fanscoo iPC multi-screen PC to be 5cm thick, and also have simple exterior.
  1. High-Efficiency Linkage of Three Screens

There are one main display and two sub displays. Three information windows can be opened simultaneously. Also, they can be switched at will to maximize the speed and accuracy of information obtained. The use of three screens will greatly improve the working efficiency.

  1. Exquisite Design

Our Fanscoo iPC multi-screen PC is only 5cm thick. High-class paint spraying technology allows the extremely modern product to fit into interior environment easily. Fanscoo iPC adopts ultra-thin wireless keyboard and mouse. It requires only a power cord to provide customers with a wireless experience.

The multifunctional device is internally installed with a loudspeaker box, headsets, and 5 USB interfaces. By adoption of a 802.11n wireless card, the transmission rate of our product can reach 300Mbps, which is approximately 6 times as high as that of a 802.11g wireless card.

  1. High Performance and Perfect Experience
    By adoption of the same mainstream platform, our Fanscoo iPC multi-screen PC performs almost as well as a desktop computer.

This product is designed with one 21.5inch wide main display and two 9.7inch sub displays. Its LED backlight display provides high color retention, proper brightness, and long service life.

Its heat sink runs fast and stably. A zero-noise experience can be provided for our users.
The Fanscoo iPC multi-screen PC supports full HD 1080p output. It gives incomparable visual enjoyment whenever users are watching a film or playing a game.

  1. Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
    Our Fanscoo iPC multi-screen PC can offer the energy-saving efficiency of up to 30%. Built to pass China RoHS certification, this product has low impact on environment.

The LED backlight monitor features ultra-low power consumption, low heat loss, and long lifespan.

Fanscoo iPC can save much office space and electricity. Single-box packing results in the reduction of both packaging materials and carbon emissions

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